The Manila Times Feature: And the Sign Finally Says
Jan 21, 2019

Source: https://www.manilatimes.net/and-the-sign-finally-says/499416/

Lobien Realty Group

As a top property executive, Sheila Lobien – and the real estate industry – has grown accustomed to seeing her name on the walls of office buildings for rent. Working with a multinational property firm, hers was an almost omni-present name and number associated with sought-after office spaces in the Philippines over the past decade

But at the start of 2019, things are now decidedly different – Sheila Lobien has finally attached her name to her own firm: Lobien Realty Group.

Lobien Realty Group is a full-service real estate consultancy and property investments strategy firm engaged in commercial and office space leasing, capital investments optimization, and property acquisition and sales.

The Group, comprising a core of top-notch industry insiders, some of whom she has worked with for years now, has access to real estate investors – both as buyer or seller, or as lessee or lessor – and has real estate inventory for lease, sale, joint venture, and other related activities.

“We intend to play where we are very comfortable and have the expertise,” she says.

“Our landlord and tenant solution experience and performance will definitely be our base. Our intention as a real estate consultancy firm is quite very basic: we intend to give expert, balanced, focused and realistic consultancy service for our clients, all the time.”

The new firm will be focusing on landlord or investor representation, and advisory; tenant solutions; and capital markets, or property sales.

“Landlord representation and tenant solutions are two sides of the same coin. We strive to secure the best deal for our clients—whether we are representing them as landlords or as tenants.

“For capital markets, which is more of the buying and selling of properties, and the structuring of real estate investments for optimum results – we additionally have in place a pool of consultants, ready to help us, if needed.”


Enjoying coveted relationships with key clients and partners in real estate, Lobien Realty Group is certainly hopeful about their prospects this year.

The firm forecasts that 2019 will be another great year for the industry and office space demand will still be healthy, driven by the rebound in the BPO sector and the resurgent on-line gaming industry. Tourism is expected to prop up demand for hospitality spaces, and the Philippine’s growing middle class will continue to attract global brands, which will support commercial space leasing.

It is also optimistic that the Build Build Build will contribute to the growth of the property market, including cities outside Metro Manila.

As Lobien explains, “The country is still in a very good economic trajectory as the macro-economic indicators are still supportive of growth; hence, I can see that the investments in real estate are still very robust as what is being supplied is easily taken up by space takers—both commercial and office spaces—as can be seen by the very high market absorption of commercial and office spaces; the office pace vacancy rate right now is in single digit – many of the vacant spaces are those under construction.”

Their view is tempered though by the stage of “cautious optimism” they observe the market to be in:

“Globally, the US and China trade war might result in some market contraction, and may affect Asia and the Philippines,” she explains, adding that most on-line gaming companies presently setting up shop in the Philippines are from mainland China—if there is market contraction there, office, commercial and residential spaces might suffer. American BPOs might also suffer if over-all US economy will suffer some decline.

Still, they are bullish about future of Lobien Realty Group.

And busy. Along with their business set up activities, the firm is now also working on several project leasing contracts, tenant solution activities, and beefing up our inventories for the capital markets business.

Apart from that, Sheila Lobien herself remains active with the European Chamber of Commerce in Philippines, as head of its Women in Business Committee.

Lobien’s confidence in her new company rests in her people, and their relationships with their clients.

“I have assessed this a lot and My view is that most companies and investors transact not with the company—they transact with the person, the people. Hence, LRG, with its core team of highly dedicated real estate specialists and consultants will definitely have a space in the market.”

And while, the name on the wall may be new, their commitment to their industry remains the same.

“My team and I view Lobien Realty Group as just a continuation of what we have been doing the past ten years, handling more than a hundred buildings. Going solo and having that name on the wall are just part of having a new office environment – and a reminder that we are now solely responsible for our employees, our expenses, and our commitments to our investors and business partners.”

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The Lobien Realty Group (LRG) is a vibrant and determined team of visionary realty solution specialists. With their dynamic synergy of complementary strengths. LRG experts offer a global-local realty market proficiency and comprehensive but customized real estate servicing that drive REAL growth for their client’s spaces.

Project Leasing
Benefit from our up-to-date listing of other buildings in the market for an accurate competitive scan and access our vast client/tenant base across industries that will be best suited to your property resulting in your desired tenant mix. Rest assured that the final lease contract shall consider BOTH PARTIES’ best interest for a long term landlord-tenant relationship. Our past experience of handling more than a hundred office and commercial buildings in major business districts of the Philippines under exclusive project leasing arrangements has given our core team an unmatched experience and valuable insights in undertaking such a complex but highly rewarding investment activity for our landlords.

Tenant Solutions
Experience our client-focused and end-to-end tenant representation service aimed at looking for the most suitable office space for our clients. We subscribe to the knowledge that office space is not only a good reflection of company culture and values but it is foremost a main driver of productivity and business success. Hence, we strive to fulfill our clients’ real estate requirements and objectives by having an in-depth understanding of their specific needs to find the most appropriate location for their business activity.

Property Acquisition and Disposal
Our own team and a pool of external associates and professional group of lawyers, bankers and other real estate specialists will make sure that your engagement in real estate properties and other assets acquisition and disposal will be a very successful and rewarding activity. Whether it will be a straight sale transaction, an investment that shall require a more complex joint venture partnerships or any other form of structure, your LRG team will strive to provide the most effective strategy and a very transparent advisory services for your real estate investment venture.