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Job Overview

As the Real Estate Agent, he/she will serve as a point of reference between property owners and prospective buyers and/or lessees. He/she will likewise assist Lobien Realty Group, Inc. (LRG), LRG’s business partners and clients, landlords, property owners, and prospective lessees and buyers in promoting and finding properties for sale and/or lease. An effective Real Estate Agent could secure a sale or lease transaction mutually acceptable to the contracting parties.

Responsibilities and Duties

The following are your responsibilities and duties of a Real Estate Agent:

  • Assist property owners and landlords in best promoting their properties to attract advantageous offers;
  • Handle and process accreditation with other real estate industry players;
  • Advertise properties using a variety of effective marketing techniques, online or otherwise;
  • Evaluate LRG’s clients’ desires and economic capabilities to come up with appropriate suggestions in making decisions;
  • Provide information regarding legal guidelines, rates, other specifications, and property availability;
  • Mediate the dealings between sellers/landlords and potential buyers/lessees ensuring good conduct and honest exchange of information towards a beneficial and mutual understanding;
  • Approximate the value of offered properties by thoroughly researching the market or past and recent purchases or transactions;
  • Present properties to potential buyers and lessees, and address questions and other concerns;
  • Collaborate with responsible professionals and officers and assist in the drafting and completion of important legal documents and other requirements;
  • Generate and manage lists of properties for sale and/or lease, and if requested, such list compatible with client’s needs and financial resources; and
  • Remain knowledgeable about the market and best practices;


  • Holder of Real Estate Broker License;
  • College graduate;
  • With excellent closing and negotiation skills;
  • With pleasing personality;
  • Trustworthy and results-driven;
  • Can handle various clients;
  • Willing to travel;
  • Knowledgeable in Microsoft applications such as Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint;
  • Computer literate;
  • Social media savvy and updated with the latest news and trends;
  • Skilled in writing with an attention to detail; and
  • Strong prioritization, organization, and project management skills.