Steph Ng
Associate Director

Steph is the Associate Director and Chief Markets Officer of Lobien Realty Group—a position she is most familiar with being one of the top performing senior sales officers of a Fortune 500 property consultancy firm in the Philippines.

Steph rose from the ranks in her most recent company, starting her career as one of the company’s market analysts and was responsible for closing more than 200,000 square meters of office and commercial space (around Php 200 million in transaction value) by the time she left the said company.

Steph’s unmatched ability to find the most suitable spaces for clients based on clients’ requirements, time and budget constraints by providing assistance from site inspections, contract negotiations and sharing insightful recommendations to find the best solutions has earned her the stripes for assuming greater responsibility at Lobien Realty Group.

Steph’s focus on details and appreciation of the big picture, skills she learned while working with a forex company and a plastics manufacturing company where she was expected to do fundamental and technical analyses and give alternative courses of actions, prepared her extremely well in her real estate consulting role.

Steph graduated from De La Salle University-Manila with a Bachelor of Arts Major in Communication Arts-Bachelor of Science in Commerce Major in Business Management. Steph also attended several courses at Beijing Language and Culture University, where she learned Mandarin and Fookien.