Sheila Lobien, Lobien Realty Group
9th Annual Shopping Malls Summit - Asia Pacific Retail Market - Sheila Lobien
Apr 25, 2019

Sheila Lobien, CEO of Lobien Realty Group, was invited as the session chair and one of the speakers of the 9th Annual Shopping Malls Conference in Hong Kong last Thursday, April 25, 2019 where she talked about the Asia Pacific Retail Market.

Her presentation is available here at www.lobiengroup.com.

Group photo L-R: Prassana of Trueventus KL, Sheila Lobien of Lobien Realty Group, Vytnathan Mahalingam of Landmark Group, Dubai, Steven Bervoets of CB Belgium, Delphine Gabel of Klepierre Paris, Lisa Mailer of The Retail Advisory Group HK, and Arnoud Bakker of IKEA SEA.

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